Report: Watch Dogs for Wii U Canceled, GameStop Pre-Orders Halted

Update: Apparently a system error is being blamed for the disappearance of pre-orders for the Wii U version of Ubisoft's Watch Dogs at GameStop. A spokesperson for the retailer tells Kotaku that the error has been corrected and that pre-orders for the game will be available again soon.

Original Story: It looks like Andrew Eisen may be adding another game to his "For Everything But Wii U" list, if you believe Italian gaming site Wiitalia. According to the publication, which cites a GameStop employee as its source, the Wii U Version of Watch Dogs has been canceled by Ubisoft.

The site noted that poor holiday Wii U hardware and software sales played a part in Ubisoft's decision and GameStop's decision to drop pre-orders.

Kotaku is also reporting that GameStop U.S. is cancelling Wii U preorders of Watch Dogs.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft has declined to comment, but it sounds like the writing is on the wall.

Source: GameSpot

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