Report: Apple TV Will Add Gaming Later This Year

According to information from both iLounge and 9to5Mac, Apple will turn its Apple TV device into a gaming console of sorts later this year. Sources close to the situation say that Apple is planning to add gaming content to its Apple TV in the first half of the year, with the gaming part of the equation to be enabled with a major update to the device (sometime in March) in conjunction with the release of new Apple TV hardware and a revamped operating system based on iOS.

iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad would be used as controllers and the system will reportedly support games consumers have already purchased for those devices. Developers are also reportedly looking into Bluetooth-powered controllers as an additional option for playing games on the Apple TV.

There's also some speculation that Apple will leverage the motion sensing technology it acquired when it bought PrimeSense back in November 2013 for the Apple TV in some way, and gaming would be one of the main functions that would be supported on the device.

Finally, 9to5Mac says in its report that a dedicated Apple TV App Store may also launch alongside the new hardware and the massive device update.

Apple has not publicly commented on this story. Being that iOS devices are only made by Apple it makes sense that it would try its hand at creating its own version of a micro-console similar to the Ouya and even Nvidia's Shield device. Rolling it into Apple TV – a device already on the market – is probably the best option should all this prove to be true…

Source: Minyanville

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