Poll: Will Amazon Come Out With a Game Console This Year?

So, Amazon (that big, online retailer where you probably a buy a bunch of stuff) is reportedly making a video game console and will release it sometime this year.


According to VG247, the console will run the Android OS, feature streaming and downloadable games (and music, movies and TV shows) and come in at under $300.

Which probably means $299.99.

Apparently this will be a direct competitor to Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft's consoles.

Well, what do you think?  Is Amazon really coming out with a console this year?  If it does, will it stand along side the big three?  Will it at least do better than the Ouya?  The Gamestick?

You know the drill by now: vote in the poll, leave a comment, send email to us at SuperPACpodcast@gmail.com.  EZK and I will discuss this topic and reveal the poll results on the next podcast.

But you can't listen until you finish all your homework.  Is that clear?

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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    fake_brasilian says:

    Good point, looking at the VG article does explain a PSone looking machine that will be the center of the living room. I thought the wording was too obtuse in other articles hence why I felt the need to state the Fire.

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    Sleaker says:

    I agree. And I feel like there's nothing really in the way of Amazon doing this.  I don't necessarily think it'll have a huge following, but I think for Amazon they have a WAY better shot at it than Ouya did, and I feel like they'll have way better adoption once they do.  Ouya claimed a lot of openness, but either because of lack of planning, lack of man-power, or just blatant stupidity, failed to deliver heavily enough in this field (attempting to play with kernel stuff can brick the console completely as it has no backup firmware like nearly all other similar devices, failure to release their sourcecode in a timely fashion, etc).

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    fake_brasilian says:

    Well, doesn't Amazon already has a console out? The Kindle Fire with the HDX released this past year has since 2011 released stronger versions that are compatible with Android games. 

    It would be news if they are making something that publishers like Ubisoft and EA would want to port their current-gen console games to, but Amazon more than likely will release just a new version of the Kindle Fire line.

    I think your question asking "Will Amazon come out with a game console this year?" should be changed to "Will Amazon release a gaming-centric device this year?" because as I argued above, the Kindle Fire is essentially an iPad for Android that is advertised as a multi-function device.

    It should be noted that Amazon has published 1 game on IOS, Google Play, and Android; Air Patriots. They also have a game studio that hasn't actually released any games yet, called "Amazon Games Studios". http://games.amazon.com/

    So, are they going to release a gaming-centric device or console this year? I'm leaning towards "No" since the Gamestick and Ouya aren't exactly things consumers are clamoring for. I feel that if someone wanted a dedicated gaming system, they would want something that can play all the games and do some other things well (Current-Gen Consoles), rather than play some of the games and do other things well (Kindle Fire, iPad, Win8 Tablet, etc.).

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