Rep. Peter Kings Rails Against RNC Resolution Calling NSA Spying Activities ‘Unconstitutional’

Rep. Peter King (R-New York) this week laid into the Republican National Committee (RNC) for its resolution stating that the National Security Agency's spying was unconstitutional, that various surveillance programs should be halted immediately, and that a "full public accounting" of those activities should take place. Rep. King described the resolution as a “hysterical” measure that could be a “death warrant” for the GOP. The RNC announced the resolution on Friday.

"We’re going to make the Democrats and Barack Obama the party of national security," said Rep. King. "It’s signing our own death warrant as a party."

"Republicans are supposed to be the party of national defense," King continued. "It would be one thing if people wanted to pass legislation [posing] questions. But to talk about ‘spying’ and unconstitutionality… it’s basically repudiating the policies of the Republican Party over the last 12 years, policies that kept us safe."

King, who has hinted that he might make a run at the Republican nomination to run as the party's standard bearer for President, has been a long-time proponent of various activities designed to combat terrorism. He has been a vocal critic of both Democrats and Republicans who have opposed post-911 activities including military action, spying, and issues associated with Gitmo.

The RNC did not comment on King's remarks.

Source: Politico

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