Frequent Killer Instinct Quitters Will Go To Jail After Next Update

If you think it's cute to disconnect from Killer Instinct on Xbox Live when you are playing an online match, then you may not be happy to hear that game developer Double Helix wants to put you in jail. Not "you" in the literal sense, but your account.

The next update to Killer Instinct on Xbox One will institute a jail system for players who frequently disconnect in the middle of online matches. Here's how the whole system will work, according to Double Helix:


  • The first time your disconnect percentage goes above 15 percent you go to JAIL
  • A 10 match minimum is required
  • JAIL lasts for 24 hours. During this time you can only be matched against other JAIL members
  • Each time you go to JAIL the amount of time increases by 24 hours (capped at 5 days – 120 hrs)
  • While in JAIL your profile icon will be automatically changed to a custom JAIL icon to let you know you are in JAIL
  • When your JAIL time is up, you go back into the public again (even if your disconnect percentage is back over 15%)
  • However, when back in public, if you disconnect and you are still above 15 percentage you go directly back to JAIL
  • For any match that sends you to JAIL, player will take a loss


Besides implementing the jail system, the update will offer updates to characters Jago, Saberwulf, Orchid, and Sadira; and a number of fixes and tweaks to gameplay…

No word on when this update will go live.

Source: CVG

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  1. 0
    Scott1701c says:

    If people are not going to play fairly (ie. not quitting when they are losing) then they should not be allowed to play at all. Half the reason I stopped playing online is because of how many people disconnect when I am about to win (that was 10 years ago).

    But I think this is a good idea, I hope that more games will follow suit.

  2. 0
    Scott1701c says:

    I live in rural America, my Internet connection is not always the best in the world, BUT I have never had more then a 3% disconnect rate (that was not caused by the unreliable internet or power, it was a modem needing replaced).

    Seriously 15% disconnect rate means they are doing it on purpose. They deserve to be banned from online play for never letting me have a win.

  3. 0
    MechaCrash says:

    You'd need to be skirting the 15% disconnect rate for one badly timed disconnect to send you to jail. Someone who's doing that intentionally doesn't deserve pity, and I really doubt anybody with internet unreliable enough for it to happen accidentally would even be trying.

  4. 0
    jedidethfreak says:

    I see two things happening:

    – People will go back to jail just because of a power outage

    – The very vast majority of the playerbase will be in jail most of the time, meaning very little will change

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