Crowd-Funding Campaign Launches for Space Pioneer

A new Kickstarter campaign for Space Pioneer seeks funding to bring to life a game that promises to let players travel to the farthest reaches of the universe, explore new worlds, and colonize them. But the most interesting thing about this particular game is who is making it and why it will likely feature a high level of realism and real science. The game is being built with help from a team of "world famous astronauts, engineers, designers, programmers, artists and architects," according to the Kickstarter page.

"Space Pioneer focuses on interstellar exploration; it is based on images and resources from the Hubble telescope, ESA/NASA, and numerous well known observatories," reads the description from the Kickstarter page. "The player will be able to pilot a fully customizable spaceship into the vast regions of our universe and can colonize other planets beyond our solar system. In addition, he or she can research different scientifically accurate theories to upgrade their spaceship, build vast space stations and terra-form inhospitable planets."

So why does Space Enigma Studios need your money to build this game when they have such an impressive team?

"Space Enigma Studios is asking for funding via Kickstarter because, in spite of all these wonderful people that we are working with – our team simply lacks the necessary funds to realize the ambitions of our studio," notes the Kickstarter page.

You can learn more about the project here or check out the pitch video to your left.

As of this writing the game has managed to raise $21,464 of its $150,000 goal with 35 more days to go.

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