Android Devices Get EFF’s ‘HTTPS Everywhere’

The Electronic Frontier Foundation today released an add-on for the Android version of Firefox that implements its HTTPS Everywhere encryption technology. HTTPS Everywhere is already available for web browsers here. According to the EFF, HTTPS Everywhere for Android devices "allows smartphone users to safely download apps, browse the web, exchange emails and instant messages, sync data between devices, and countless other everyday tasks." Unfortunately the app is not available for iOS users because, according to the EFF, Apple has locked out Mozilla.

"PS — a quick note to iPhone users: we're sorry we can't help you to secure your mobile browsing experience. Apple's policy of locking out Mozilla means you can't have a more secure browser in your pocket," the advocacy group noted.

To install HTTPS Everywhere for Firefox Android, you'll need to have the latest version of Firefox on your Android phone installed. From there, go to the HTTPS Everywhere download link in Firefox while using your device, download and then install it. Once installed you'll notice an icon on the right hand side of the address bar that you can click on to turn rewrite rules on or off for the current page. You can also click-and-hold the icon to restore default settings.

You can grab the app here.

While HTTPS Everywhere is certainly not a catch-all solution for stopping NSA and other entities from snooping your online activities, it does add another layer of safety that can't hurt.

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