Microsoft: President Obama’s NSA Reforms ‘Not Enough’

Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith said in a blog post today that President Obama's proposed changes to how the National Security Agency collects and stores both phone and internet data is not enough.

"Despite the President’s reform efforts and our ability to publish more information, there has not yet been any public commitment by either the U.S. or other governments to renounce the attempted hacking of Internet companies," Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith said. "This has been and remains a major concern across the tech sector."

Microsoft is the first tech company to publicly oppose the Obama Administration's NSA reforms. The company obviously wants the Administration and Congress to do more. Documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden last intimated that Microsoft and other tech companies were cooperating with the NSA and sharing user data on a regular basis. Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other companies have denied that they have done this, noting that they have complied with FISA court orders and turned over data when required by law.

Smith goes on to say that the company has launched a new set of initiatives to better protect user data. You can read about that here.

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