Report: South Park: The Stick of Truth Will Not Use Ubisoft’s uPlay

Some good news for fans of the RPG being developed by Obsidian and South Park Studios: It will be a Steam game and will not use Ubisoft's uPlay DRM. Responding to a question about whether the game would require uPlay to be installed in order to play, Obsidian Entertainment's official twitter account confirmed that the PC version of the game will not use Ubisoft's uPlay; instead it will be fully integrated into Steam.

The rights to publish the game were acquired by Ubisoft in an auction following the bankruptcy of its previous publisher THQ.

South Park The Stick of Truth is set for release on multiple platforms March 4 in North America, March 7 in Europe, and March 6 in Australia. It is being co-developed by South Park Studios and Obsidian Entertainment.

Source: CVG

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    DorthLous says:

    As much as I hate it, I think unless a miracle happens, Wii U is dead in the water at this point. Maybe a variant could be enough of a fresh image to restart it, however…

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    Wymorence says:

    And there was much rejoicing in the kingdom that day, as millions cried out in glee about not having to use horribly intrusive DRMs like uPlay or Origin…

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