Resident Evil and Onimusha Composer Admits He is a Fraud, Took Credit for Someone Else’s Work

Mamoru Samuragochi, who is credited with composing the soundtracks for various Resident Evil and Onimusha games, now says that he took credit for work that he didn't actually create. Samuragochi, who is deaf, recently admitted that someone else has been writing his music for almost two decades, IGN reports (thanks Andrew Eisen for the tip).

The Japan Times reports that Samuragochi, who some have called a "modern Beethoven" due to his hearing impairment, went deaf at the age of 35 but continued to work using "absolute pitch," according to The Japan Times. In Japan, his most famous work is the "Hiroshima Symphony," which was a tribute to the survivors of the atomic bomb attacks during World War II. His other credits include the soundtrack for Resident Evil: The Director's Cut in 1997, which he created "while hiding his severe hearing disability and living under harsh conditions," according to his website.

"In 1999, right before he started composing the music for the game Onimusha he completely lost his hearing," the site continues. "However the piece he composed,'Symphony, Rising Sun' was highly acclaimed and was noticed by the public as a master piece."

But now it turns out that none of the work he took credit for was his. They were apparently the work of an individual "unable to come forward for personal reasons," according to his lawyer.

Samuragochi's attorney added that his client was "deeply sorry as he has betrayed fans and disappointed others."

"He knows he could not possibly make any excuse for what he has done," the attorney said. "He is mentally distressed and not in a condition to properly express his own thoughts".

Source: IGN

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