Report: EA is Manipulating the Ratings for Free-to-Play Dungeon Keeper Game

Electronic Arts is taking a bit of heat for its "free-to-play" mobile game, Dungeon Keeper. Besides players and critics complaining about how horribly the microtransactions are implemented into the gameplay, there's also accusations that EA is gaming the ratings system on Google Play.

But despite the criticism, Jeff Skalski of Dungeon Keeper studio EA Mythic dismisses it as people remembering the original game with much fondness. Skalski has told Tab Times that his team is "very aware" of the complaints, but that he believes its simply down to the fact that people have fond memories of the original created by Bullfrog.

"I think any time you re-make anything that is much beloved and has a great sense of nostalgia for people—be it a game, a movie, or whatever—people are going to be very protective of it," Skalski tells Tab Times.

"It's important to emphasize that we designed a game that is built around the typical mobile play patterns," he adds. "This means Dungeon Keeper is meant to be played on the go multiple times a day with a few minutes here or there."

Skalski also said that a majority of players are still enjoying the game. One would think that would be obvious due to the fact that the game has four out of five star rating on both the Apple's App Store and Google Play, but there's something odd going on with how the game is getting that rating, according to several reports…

Apparently when you go to rate the game on Android devices and choose to give it less than 5 stars, the game doesn't allow you to do so right away, instead asking you to give the company your feedback. This misdirection trick doesn't stop you from giving the game a lower score but it may fool some players into thinking that they can't go back to the store and give it a rating less than four or five stars.

Both Eurogamer and Pocketgamer have more on EA supposedly manipulating the ratings for the game.

Source: Gamasutra (Image via Gamasutra)

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