Hyrule Hustlers Charity Event Begins February 14

The third annual Hyrule Hustlers: Zelda Marathon fundraiser for Child’s Play Charity kicks off on Friday, February 14 in Ottawa, Ontario. The multi-day charity event will be broadcast live on Twitch.tv over several days as organizers play through as many Legend of Zelda games as they can and solicit donations from the community at large and viewers via www.hyrulehustlers.com. As the donations increase, the length of the marathon session increases with it.

"Spending time in the hospital can be a frightening for kids,” says event coordinator Chris Sardinha. "Knowing that there are toys and video games can help." That’s why the Hyrule Hustlers volunteers are committed to making a child’s hospital stay a little brighter. Child’s Play provides an important service that is often overlooked, one that can change a child’s hospital stay for the better."

The fun begins February 14 at 11 AM EST on www.hyrulehustlers.com.

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