Report: Verizon Rep. Admits That Company is Throttling Netflix

A fascinating account of one man's encounter with a Verizon customer support representative details how the company admitted that it was selectively limiting bandwidth to AWS services and adversely affecting the quality of Netflix. The account comes from Dave Raphael of Dave's Blog (as reported by Boing Boing), who – along with the president of the company he works for, iScan Online – noticed that its service was suffering from what he called "major slowdowns." After some investigation, Raphael couldn't put his finger on what the problem was. He ran at test to Amazon’s AWS – the service the company uses – and found that he was getting a deplorable 40kB/s.

At home he noticed similar problems with Netflix. After doing a number of tests at home and remotely into his workplace (a mile away from his home) Raphael contacted Verizon's support center. After conducting every conceivable test and check, Raphael became impatient and pressed the Verizon representative.

He finally asked them: "Is Verizon now limiting bandwidth to cloud providers like Amazon's AWS service?"

Surprisingly the rep. finally admitted that the company was in fact throttling these services:

"Yes, it is limited bandwidth to cloud providers," the rep. said.

Raphael said on his blog that he was a bit shocked that the rep. admitted this to a customer and that he see this as a war against streaming services such as Netflix:

"In my personal opinion, this is Verizon waging war against Netflix. Unfortunately, a lot of infrastructure is hosted on AWS. That means a lot of services are going to be impacted by this."

He also addressed concerns amongst readers that the rep my not have known what he or she was talking about, from a technical perspective. To that he offers some traceroute logs.

Source: Boing Boing

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