Wargaming Launches ‘Let’s Battle’ Digital Magazine

Wargaming has jumped into the digital media publishing biz, with the launch of a new interactive publication that highlights its line-up of games and related topics like military history. The magazine is called "Let's Battle" and is available for free on Google Play for Android devices and the Apple App store for iOS devices.

The publication promises interviews with key developers, producers and other members of the Wargaming team, along with interactive guides to help players master their gaming skills, articles on history of military warfare, and news on Wargaming’s recent online and offline events.

“We are always looking for new ways to engage gamers with the content and projects we are creating,” said Alexander Shilyaev, Director of Global Operations for Meta Games and Service Apps at Wargaming. “With the digital magazine, we’ll be able to provide more coverage than ever to our player community, creating and molding our publications to fit the needs of a tech-savvy generation of modern gamers and military enthusiasts worldwide.”

You can find Let's Battle on iTunes and Google Play free of charge. For more information on the digital magazine, check out the Wargaming Blog.

It should be noted that the editorial portion of the magazine is not handled by Wargaming, but by a third-party company called Dialect Inc. Dialect Inc. also puts together the Sims Official Magazine, GameFly's GameQ, and the NVision : Tablet and Handset App for Nvidia.

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