Flappy Bird Fallout: Piracy, Clones and eBay Auctions

Earlier today we learned that indie developer Dong Nguyen pulled his popular and highly criticized Android and iOS game Flappy Bird off of both marketplaces. The result has had an interesting, albeit minor, ripple effect as people try to find ways to cash in on the popularity of the game.

First, Torrent Freak reports that the sudden vacuum created by the game being pulled by its developer has helped drive it to the world of piracy. Now the game is being offered on websites, torrents, and popular destinations where games are pirated. Here's what they say:

"Torrents for both the iOS and Android versions of Flappy Bird are currently doing very well indeed on The Pirate Bay and other torrent sites. So-called DDL (Direct Download) sites, forums and associated file-hosting sites are also doing a roaring trade on the game’s withdrawal, and posts have been appearing around the web on where to get a copy of the game and how to install it."

Others are trying to copy its success. One such game is called Bird Mania, which is already doing pretty well on both marketplaces. You can find that game here. It is one of many clones popping up to take advantage of the game's disappearance on both app stores. It contains micro-transactions.

One fellow named Joe Shanahan has remade the game in an hour, according to Destructoid. He did it to show, one would assume, that the game's design isn't all that sophisticated. Shanahan created the game using free tools such as Blender and Python in one hour. He did not say if he would release the game at a later date.

Finally, Polygon reports that eBay auction have started popping up trying to sell a phone with the game already installed for upwards of $900…

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