Microsoft Reveals Two New Games in ID@Xbox Program

The first Xbox One indie titles coming out of Microsoft's ID@Xbox program include a new "Worms game" from Team17 and NinjaBee's Nutjitsu, according to a tweet from Phil Spencer, Microsoft Studios corporate vice president.

"Played 2 of the first shipping games, a Worms game n Nutjitsu, right before DICE," Spencer wrote.

Nutjitsu is the latest game from A World of Keflings developer NinjaBee. The game features a ninja squirrel who must win back its stolen acorns from foxes. Developer Team17's latest Worms game is Worms Battlegrounds, and will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

Microsoft announced its ID@Xbox program way back in August of last year. Initially it said that it would not allow developers to self-publish games, but after a very public outcry from indie developers Microsoft changed its policy. Members in the program get two development kits for free. The program supports a variety of business models including free-to-play games, games with micro-transactions, and premium priced games.

Source: Polygon

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