One Year Later: Where’s the Research?

An excellent and detailed report on Gamaustra looks back (one year later) on the research promised by the Obama Administration in the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting and after a meeting with researchers and company executives concerning "media violence." The short answer as to what happened concerning this $10 million research that would look at both violent media and access to guns is that "it went nowhere." The long answer is sprawled out across the seven-page feature.

But the most interesting and important answer comes from XEOPlay president Nicole Lazzaro, who was contacted by the Office of the Vice President in January 2013, and asked to gather proposals from industry leaders on how the administration could tackle this issue of violent video games head on. Lazzaro says that she put together proposals from influential game industry veterans such as Robin Hunicke, Earnest Adams, Warren Spector and others. From that, she put together a list of 10 resolutions that Biden could use to help him decide which direction to take with the issue. But Lazzaro admits to Gamasutra that not a lot has happened since then.

"I have to admit that since that time, there hasn't been a lot of new groundbreaking research on connecting this and time," she says. "There hasn't been new legislation passed to really work on these effective gag orders."

"It's all been kind of a wash," she adds.

The article includes comments from University of Oxford researcher Andrew Przybylski, Grand Theft Childhood author Dr. Cheryl Olson, IGDA Anti-Censorship and Social Issues Committee Chairman Daniel Greenberg, Dr. Patrick Markey from the Department of Psychology at Villanova University, and Stetson University professor and researcher Christopher Ferguson. Check out the entire article now on Gamaustra.

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