PSA: Today is ‘The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance’

Today is the day that advocacy groups and businesses have designated as a day of protest online against the NSA's unfettered surveillance and data collection practices. Led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the collective are calling on websites and internet users to show their support by displaying special banners online and to contact their elected official in D.C. to let them know that the mass surveillance being conducted by the NSA needs to come to an end.

Thousands of web sites will host banners today urging people to call and email members of Congress to tell them to oppose the FISA Improvements Act (which basically enshrines the NSA's current surveillance practices), support the USA Freedom Act, and to implement "protections for non-Americans." Non-U.S. visitors will be asked to urge agencies and politicians in their own countries to institute better privacy protections.

Web sites looking to get involved and individuals seeking more information about activities today can find out more here.

Update: Google, one of the companies involved in today's protest, sent along this link to help those interested in contacting their representatives in D.C. get started quickly.

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