Report: 48 Percent of PS Vita Software Sales Are Digital

Sony says that around 48 percent of the games bought by PS Vita customers are sold online. Speaking at a behind-closed-doors meeting in California, a representative for the company told IGN that digital games sales currently account for 48 percent of the PS Vita’s total software sales.

Of course this makes sense given that the system uses a proprietary memory card and doesn't support any other media formats. Plus Sony makes it pretty easy to buy and download software to the PS3 and PS4 first…

The rep. also said that nearly 1,000 games are currently available for PS Vita when you include PSOne Classics and PSP titles.

The unnamed rep. told the publication that one-in-three PS Vita owners also own a PS4 and that 250,000 people to date have at least tried the Remote Play feature. Finally the rep said that Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, NBA 2K14, and Don’t Starve are currently the most streamed games to date.

Source: IGN by way MCV

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