Report: Clash of Clans Generates $654K Per Day in Microtransactions

According to new data from AppData, Supercell's free-to-play action strategy game Clash of Clans generates $654,000 per day in micro-transactions. Yes we have a hard time believing that figure too, but that is the figure put out by AppData, and their data is always spot on.

That $654,000 in daily revenue comes from the purchase of add-on content, booster packs, and other forms of downloadable content. The game launched for iOS devices in 2012 and made its way to the Android last year.

Supercell has been on a marketing blitz with Clash of Clans on cable television networks with its new "You And This Army" commercial.

Finnish creator Supercell sold a controlling interest in the company for $1.5 billion to Softbank and GungHo last year. The deal probably didn't make much sense to gamers at the time.

Source: Business Insider

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