Andrew Eisen Video: Ubisoft Ensures Watch Dogs Sells Like Crap On Wii U

One of Andrew Eisen's latest videos (has been busy in the last week or so) points out that Ubisoft's latest move – to delay the Wii version of Watch Dogs to an undetermined date well after the Spring release of the game on other platforms – ensures that that version of the game will have crappy sales.

Some would say that Ubisoft is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by doing this, giving other publishers an example to point to when they abandon development of their top properties for Wii U.

See what Andrew thinks in the video to your left and discuss it in the comments below.

To check out Andrew other new videos, visit his YouTube page.

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    Kincyr says:

    I admit it's a stretch, but it's possible that Sony's involvement in the Rabbids movie is influencing Ubisoft to drop developmental support for the Wii U. only reason the Xbox One wouldn't be affected is that its architecture, like the PS4's, is nearly the same as the x64 PC's

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    You know how I sometimes post right wing comments about stories sort-of-like whatever topic is out there? This seems like the left wing version of me. lol

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    If anything most people do not understand your second most important customer for a console developer is the game developer. If the game developer does not supply good games to your console then your most important customer the consumer will not shop for your merchandise. I feel like many developers are upset or are against the direction of the WiiU in general. It does not advance anything and if anything its like the Wii in that it is a step behind everyone else but what makes it different from the other two major consoles is not an important factor to the average consumer.

    Perhaps in the 80s and early 90s when a house maybe had one TV the WiiU would be interesting but seeing this is no longer a problem I do not see the importance of this console. I feel like yes many developers are not trying to upset their number one customer the consumers as well because they know Nintendo has many loyal customers so they will release a game on the system but I feel like developers understand they are being pulled and almost forced to support a system that is a flop.

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