Capcom ‘Shocked’ About Onimusha Composer’s Admissions

Capcom says that it was "surprised" to hear that Resident Evil: Director's Cut and Onimusha composer Mamoru Samuragochi hired someone else to compose his works and that he may not be deaf. But even as Capcom makes this statement insiders are telling one Japanese publication that it was common knowledge within the company that Mamoru Samuragochi could hear. The 50-year-old composer had claimed he lost all hearing in both ears at age 35.

"We at Capcom were truly surprised by Samuragochi's recent admission," a Capcom spokesperson told Eurogamer. "However, as both soundtracks involved are no longer in circulation, we have no plans to take action of any kind."

Yesterday Samuragochi issued a new statement through his lawyers insisting that his hearing has improved over the last three years.

"It has recovered to the level where I can sometimes grasp words when someone speaks clearly and slowly close to my ears, though the sounds are still muffled and skewed," the statement said, as reported by the New York Times.

Meanwhile, Nippon TV (translated by Kotaku) is reporting that a source at the Japanese game developer has said that the fact that Samuragochi's hearing was not as impaired as he claimed publicly was "an unspoken understanding among everyone in the company."

Source: Eurogamer

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