The Flappy Bird Cloning Party is Officially Over

Shortly after Dong Nguyen pulled his popular game Flappy Bird from Google Play and Apple's App Store (because it was "too addictive," he claims), a torrent of clones hit both marketplaces hoping to fill the void and play off the game's unbelievable success.

Some were bona fide clones, but a number of them hid malicious malware that stole users' information and subjected them to expensive toll charges. But apparently the party is over as both Apple and Google have decided that they will no longer allow games with the word "Flappy" to be published within their respective walled gardens. This is according to a report on TechCrunch, citing complaints on Twitter from several game developers who have found their respective products rejected.

Google is rejecting those game clones as "spam," according to the report, while Apple is rejecting the games because they are attempting to "leverage a popular app." Duh, Apple. Clones that managed to get in prior to the apparent bans are not being removed – though we assume these apps are not the malicious kind that started to crop up here and there and had the same name as the original…

No doubt both companies have done this as a means to protect its users (and eliminate malware masquerading as the popular app).

Source: TechCrunch

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