Kickstarter Hacked, But No Credit Card Data Stolen

Over the weekend Kickstarter revealed that it had been hacked earlier in the week and that, while financial information was not stolen from the site, other user information may have been compromised. The country's largest and most prominent crowd-funding site told users that attackers made off with usernames, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and encrypted passwords.

"Actual passwords were not revealed, however it is possible for a malicious person with enough computing power to guess and crack an encrypted password, particularly a weak or obvious one," the site said in a blog post, noting that "as a precaution, we strongly recommend that you create a new password for your Kickstarter account, and other accounts where you use this password."

The security breach happened on the evening of Wednesday, February 12, according to what law enforcement tells the site. After learning of the breach, Kickstarter claims that it "immediately closed the security breach and began strengthening security measures throughout the Kickstarter system." The company also stated that "no credit card data of any kind was accessed by hackers" and that "there is no evidence of unauthorized activity of any kind on all but two Kickstarter user accounts."

The company closed by apologizing to its users, says that it was "incredibly sorry that this happened."

The blog post revealing this news, along with a FAQ on how to change your password and other important information, can be found here.

Source: CNET

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