Cliff Bleszinski: I’m Done Making Disc-Based Games

In a new interview with Gamasutra, former Epic Games design chief and Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski said that he will never make another disc-based game and that the days of chasing Game Informer covers and wooing Target and Walmart are over – at least for him.

"The whole 'old guard,' where you get a Game Informer cover and an E3 reveal, is dead," he said. "I'll never make another disc-based game for the rest of my career, and [at E3] they're trying to woo buyers from Target and Walmart?"

Bleszinski also said that he and his wife are currently enjoying the Steam Early Access hit Rust, which has inspired him (we imagine) to say that he wants to create the kind of game that creates a closer relationship between players and developers.

"It's not about the 'new user experience'; in these games the new user experience is utter shit, and it's okay," he said. "There are two lessons people have not learned from Minecraft: Get the game out there and build it. Some kid will put out a video. Players will teach each other. You don't need the 'press A to jump'."

Source: Eurogamer

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    Sora-Chan says:

    We do need people like him to push digital distribution on consoles more, so this looks like to be a good thing.

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