Poll Results: Why Did Dong Nguyen Take Flappy Bird Offline?

Last week we asked readers why they thought that the ultra popular Flappy Bird app was pulled from Apple's App Store and Google Play by creator Dong Nguyen, despite the game reportedly making tens of thousands of dollars a day on advertising.

There were a lot of different opinions, but the most popular conclusion our readers came to was that Nguyen pulled his game due to harassment/abuse/criticism by the media and some in the gaming community. Around 33 percent chose abuse as the number one reason Flappy Bird was pulled, while 24 percent felt that he may have been overwhelmed by all the attention, 22 percent suspected that legal pressure over the art in the game may have scared him, and 11 percent suspect some other reason was the cause. Only nine percent of the votes went to the reason that Nyugen said was why he pulled his game: it was too addictive.

Look for a new poll shortly, and thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll. For a more in-depth discussion on last week's poll, check out the latest episode of Super Podcast Action Committee.

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