Sega to Split Atlus and Parent Company Index Up

More details have emerged on what Sega plans to do with Atlus and its parent company, Japan-based Index. Sega acquired the original North American publisher of Tactics Ogre, Disgaea, Steambot Chronicles, Trauma Center, the Persona series, and many other popular Japanese games in September 2013 in a deal that cost the company an estimated $140 million.

According to a report in Gematsu, Sega will break Atlus away from its parent company Index on April 1. Atlus will be a stand-alone entity simply known as "Atlus" and will retain its 121-strong game development team.

A second company called Index Division will be formed and will retain its 166 employees. The company will be responsible for the content and solutions business. Index Digital Media, Inc. – Index Corporation's overseas subsidiary – will be rebranded as Atlus U.S.A . Yukio Sugino, the current Sega managing director and Index company director, will also act as Atlus' new representative.

There's no indication from the report that Sega plans to lay off any of the staff from either company in the foreseeable future.

Source: CVG

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