Capcom Addresses Lack of Gender Choices in ‘Deep Down’

Capcom has addressed concerns that it offers no options for a female lead character in its upcoming hardcore RPG game, Deep Down. Producer Kazunori Sugiura addressed the issue and explained that an earlier report that there were "12 main characters in Deep Down, all of them male" was incorrect.

Sugiura said on Facebook (as translated by Gematsu) that there was only one playable character in the game and that there's no option for a playable female character because his firm is developing the story around him.

"From our overseas firm, there was big misconception in an article claiming that there were 12 main characters in Deep Down, all of them male," Sugiura wrote on Facebook.

"As the person in charge on the development side, I'd like to explain the matter," he continued. "There is one male main character in Deep Down. The story is being developed around him and his surrounding Ravens comrades."

Moving on to details on a release outside of Japan, Sugiura said that those details have not been worked out yet.

"At the moment, an overseas release hasn't been decided, but I am grateful for the attention Deep Down is receiving."

The game was scheduled to go into beta when the PS4 launches in Japan on February 22, but has since been delayed.

Source: GameSpot

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    Neeneko says:

    I love when people use excuse like 'the plot required it!' or 'those are the rules of that universe!' coming from people who made up the plot and universe.

    Writing plots, creating characters, who you include and exclude, how different types of people are represented… are all deliberate choices.   Even when you are doing period pieces or genre shout outs, each trope and subversion is still the writer's choice.

    Though it does not drive me nearly as crazy as the people who claim they are going for 'realism' by utilizing stereotypes as if they were reality.

    Kinda a tangent there ^_^

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