Obama Administration Responds to Net Neutrality Petition, Reaffirms Support

The Obama Administration has responded to a petition on "We The People" calling on the president to compel the FCC to fix net neutrality rules and lobby congress to do the same. In its response the administration reaffirmed its commitment to net neutrality rules, while at the same time highlighting the fact that the Federal Communications Commission is an independent agency.

The petition in question urged the president to compel the FCC to reclassify broadband and mobile providers as "common carriers," giving the agency the ability to have jurisdiction over companies like Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, etc.

The response was crafted by Gene Sperling, Director of the National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic Policy; and Todd Park, United States Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President.

"Absent net neutrality, the Internet could turn into a high-priced private toll road that would be inaccessible to the next generation of visionaries," wrote Sperling and Park on the Whitehouse.gov site. "The resulting decline in the development of advanced online apps and services would dampen demand for broadband and ultimately discourage investment in broadband infrastructure. An open Internet removes barriers to investment worldwide."

The lengthy response goes on to say that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler supports net neutrality and has vowed to use all the tools given to his agency by Congress to see them reinstated and enforced.

You can check out the full statement here.

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