Poll: Is King A Shoe-In for The Consumerist’s ‘Worst Company in America’ Award?

In this week's poll we want to know what you think about Candy Crush Saga maker King's ongoing trademark battles with various independent developers. Are these actions enough to put the company ahead of Electronic Arts as The Consumerist's Worst Company in America Award (or the "Golden Poo," as they call it)?

On the one hand you have King, who is trying to trademark common words like "Saga" and "Candy," and is doing everything it can to secure the trademark. One minute the company says that it respects the intellectual property of independent developers (a response to accusations that it hired one developer to copy another developer's game after a deal to secure it for the company's portal fell through), then it buys an old game to try invalidate… the intellectual property of an independent developer. Meanwhile the company also tries to stop Stoic from trademarking Banner Saga, because it contains the word "Saga" in the title.

On the other side you have Electronic Arts, who most recently said that the launches of SimCity and Battlefield 4 were not horrible (showing that it might not have learned its lesson when it won Worst Company in America last year) and who took a beloved franchise and turned it into a free-to-play microtransactions-heavy nightmare.

It's a tough call. Let us know what you think in this week's poll and share your comments below – maybe we'll feature them in the next episode of Super Podcast Action Committee. If you think there's a company worse than EA or King, let us know in the comments as well.

Thanks in advance for your votes! Also you might want to check out this Consumerist report indicating that EA is already racking up nominations for this year's award. To be fair, the article was written way back in December, when no one knew about King's trademark activities…

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    kefkakrazy says:

    King is getting a lot of media attention these days, but… just within the game industry, they're still not on EA's level.


    There are very few industries with so many alarmingly anti-consumer leanings and practices as the gaming industry of today; the row occurring with Comcast and the other media/broadband megacorps is really the only thing that comes close.

    I'd like to see "the entire broadband industry" win the award, but if that's not an option, I'd be satisfied with a third EA win. They're unique, and shockingly so, in how deep and pervasive their anti-consumer practices are. Dungeon Keeper Mobile is only slightly less blatant of a cash grab than sending a guy to your house with a bat to break your legs if you don't pay up, and it's only one of a long line of abuses they've seen fit to unleash on the industry, abuses that they seem to see no reason to refrain from or change.

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    Neeneko says:

    I think it actually says a lot about our culture that for the last two years an entertainment company producing what are essentially luxury items got voted 'worst company'.  Granted it was from a consumer oriented website, but even as consumers it says a lot about just how comfortable of a position (that dreaded word privilege springs to mind) the target demographic must be in that they consider EA the worst of the lot in terms of impact on their life.

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    Cleveland Rock says:

    With banks evicting people from their homes, cable and Internet companies becoming monopolies that overcharge for poor services, stores paying their employees far too little, companies using slave labor overseas, and corporations virtually controlling our entire government, I honestly hope that a video game company does not receive this award.

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    Neeneko says:

    Even if they were nominated, I would really hope they do not get much consideration. 

    If not for them hitting a bit of a media friendly sweet spot, they would not even be on the radar.  There is a constant background noise of this type of dispute going on and most people do not take notice.

    Personally I think that in order to even be considered for the title of worst company, the company should do something unusually bad, not simply receive an unusual amount of attention for something that is pretty common.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    As far as King being nominated for Worst Company in America when it's not an American company, according to the Consumerist, "nominated companies must regularly provide goods and services to American consumers."


    Andrew Eisen

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