Redbox Instant CEO Joins EMA Board

Joe Ambeault, CEO of Redbox Instant by Verizon has joined the Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) Board of Directors, the trade group announced today. The EMA represents the interests of the entertainment industry including streaming services, companies that provide support for the film and movie industries, and video game companies that do business at traditional retail and online.

Joe Ambeault oversees the daily operations of the video-on-demand service. Ambeault joined the company as its Chief Product Officer, bringing more than 15 years of experience in design, development and product management. Prior to joining the company, Ambeault was a director of Broadband Systems for SeaChange International. Ambeault replaces Shawn Strickland as Redbox Instant's representative on the EMA Board. Strickland was recently promoted to Vice President of Verizon Video Group (which includes Redbox Instant, FIOS TV, and Verizon Digital Media Services).

While we're not sure what the EMA's position on net neutrality is (an issue Verizon definitely has an opinion on), the trade group's position statements on other issues will likely not be a problem for Ambeault as a member of the Redbox Instant executive team. The trade group supports the following legislative priorities:

– Protect retailers' right to sell and rent lawfully made copies without restraint (the First Sale Doctrine).
– Support strong laws against video piracy and vigorous enforcement of those laws.
– Support voluntary enforcement of movie and video game ratings.
-Oppose restrictions on entertainment because of violent content.
-Oppose discriminatory taxation of home video products.
– Ensure that state-imposed restrictions on adult content comply with Supreme Court case law.
– Ensure that second-hands goods laws do not unduly interfere with the market for used videos and video games.
– Ensure that regulation does not impede the implementation of radio frequency identification (RFID) through the entertainment media supply chain.

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