Twenty-Four Companies Committed to Attending Irrational Games ‘Recruitment Day’ Event

According to a Facebook post by Irrational Games founder Ken Levine, at least 24 companies have confirmed that they will attend a recruitment day event on Feb. 26 in Boston. The event is designed to find jobs for employees that have been or will be laid off when Irrational Games closes its doors.

According to Levine, ArenaNet, Demiurge, High Voltage Software, GSN Games, Crytek USA and Crytek (global), BioWare/EA, Retro Studios, Certain Affinity, Insomniac Games, Sledgehammer (Activision), Treyarch (Activision), Vicarous Visions, Neversoft Entertainment, Turtle Rock, Fireforge Games, Gearbox, Xamarin Inc, Red 5 Studios, Windward Mark Interactive, Avalanche Studios, Hasbro, Sucker Punch Productions, Turbine, and Bethesda Softworks (which includes id Software and ZeniMax) have confirmed that they will make the trek to Boston because they are interested in hiring talent from Irrational Games.

Levine went on to say that some of the Irrational employees would like to stay in the Boston area, so being a local developer is always a plus. Levine also said that anyone looking to interview some of the "best game developers in the world" on Feb. 26 may contact chris.bigelowAT2kDOTcom for more information.

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