Kongregate CEO Takes on Diminished Role at Company to Focus on Political Action Committee

Kongregate CEO and co-founder Jim Greer will step down to focus on a political career of sorts, the executive announced via a blog post on Kongregate.com. Kongregate co-founder and current COO Emily Greer will be taking over as CEO of the casual and indie games website owned by games retailer GameStop. Jim, who is Kim's brother (the two founded the site, which was later bought out by GameStop) will continue to serve part-time as Kongregate's CTO while he works on launching a non-profit political action group. His new diminished role at the company will start on February 28.

"Today I’m announcing that I’m stepping down as CEO of Kongregate – I’ll continue to be here half time, with my sister Emily taking over the CEO role," he wrote on the website, followed by a post of an internal email he sent out to the team. In it he details the journey he, his sister and their small team have taken over the last eight years and how proud he is of everyone. He closes by saying that he's still at the company but in a diminished capacity.

"I’ll be at Kongregate, Mondays, Wednesdays, and half-days on Friday. I’ll spend the rest of my time on something new in the world of politics… stay tuned for more on that!"

"As I said on the call, I’m the happiest I’ve been in my life, and I’m bursting with pride at what we’ve done together and with what I know we’ll continue to do."

You can read the letter here.

Source: Gamasutra

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