More Rumors of an Amazon Set-Top Box

Rumors persist that Amazon will launch some sort of set box device or console later this year. According to a new report on the subject over at Recode, sources inside Amazon's "partners" have said that the Android-powered box is real and will compete with Apple TV and Roku's line of steaming devices.. According to Recode's sources, the unnamed Android device "would compete with Apple TV and Roku's line of products, which make it easy to move video from the Internet onto your TV." It is unclear whether the set-top-box would "function as a gaming hub."

It is still unclear if the device will support gaming; something that previous stories on the subject have indicated. Past rumors have indicated that the device would feature its own custom version of Amazon's App store and would support Amazon Prime, the company streaming video service.

Whether the device is real or not, Amazon has shown an interest in the gaming space: it founded Amazon Game Studios, which released its first video game, Living Classics, in August 2012. Last year, Halo novel writer Eric Nylund joined the studio as its director of narrative design. Most recently Amazon confirmed that it had acquired Double Helix Games, the developer of Killer Instinct and Strider.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Source: Polygon

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