WWE Network Launches on Xbox 360, PS3 and More

This morning the WWE Network launched, letting customers on Roku devices, tablet devices (Android, iOS), Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 watch "thousands of hours" of classic WWE, WCW, and ECW content, rebroadcast of its network shows, all pay-per-views live and archived, and new original programming.

The network has already experienced some technical hiccups today, but the WWE assures customers that it is working with its partner to deal with the high demand. Currently they are offering a free one-week trial, though those who sign up for it should pay close attention to the checkbox about 6-month recurring billing, and to the fact that if you don't cancel prior to the one week trial ending you'll automatically be subscribed for six months.

The WWE Network costs $9.99 a month, but requires a six month commitment at launch. This may change sometime down the road. To learn more and sign up for the free trial, visit wwe.com.

No doubt as network becomes more and more popular, WWE will see the benefit of net neutrality legislation or it pay cable operators for faster access – just like Netflix…

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