Apple Urges Arizona Governor to Veto SB1062

Putting aside the fact that the Arizona law that would allow businesses to refuse services to gays and lesbians is likely unconstitutional, critics are saying that it will also hurt the state's ability to engage in commerce across state lines, damage local businesses who do not want to refuse service to anyone and will be lumped in with those who do, and may cause companies who want to bring jobs to the state to find somewhere else to go (either they are publicly opposed to the bill or do not want to be associated with the state or its controversial legislation).

Proponents of the bill argue that private businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone they like.

One of the companies who apparently opposed the bill is Apple, who planned on opening up a manufacturing plant in Mesa, Arizona that would employ and estimated 700 people and create over 1,000 construction and management jobs. Seeing the environment that such a law could create, Apple has asked Governor Jan Brewer (R) to veto the Arizona Senate bill SB1062, according to a report in the Arizona Capitol Times. Details of the conversation between the unnamed Apple representative and the Governor beyond that small bit of information were not detailed.

Back in November of last year the Governor Brewer touted Apple's decision to open up an operation in the state as a pretty big deal.

"Apple is indisputably one of the world's most innovative companies and I'm thrilled to welcome them to Arizona," Brewer said last year. "Apple will have an incredibly positive economic impact for Arizona and its decision to locate here speaks volumes about the friendly, pro-business climate we have been creating these past four years."

The question is, how big of a deal is the deal to the Governor? We do not know as of this writing, because the Governor has not yet offered an official position on the bill.

Apple joins AT&T and several hotel chains in its public opposition to the bill.

Earlier in the week Arizona Senator John McCain came out in opposition to the bill.

Source: GameSpot

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