Sony Moves 320K PS4 Units in First Two Days of Japanese Launch

The PlayStation 4 went on sale in Japan on February 24, and according to Japanese publication Famitsu, the system sold a repeatable 320,000 hardware units. Believe it or not, the two day sales figures are a lot better than they were for Sony's last console launch in the region; the PlayStation 3 sold 88,443 units in its first two days of release in Japan. The PlayStation 2 remains Sony's fastest selling console in Japan to date, hitting 630,552 units in its first two days on sale.

The launch of the system comes three months after North America and Europe got their hands on the PS4, putting the traditional "release in Japan first" model on its ear. The delay hasn't seemed to have stalled the enthusiasm for the system in Japan.

Will Japan help drive PS4 even higher in the weeks and months ahead? We're not sure, but early indications are that the system will continue to gain momentum and contribute to Sony's massive sales lead of the Xbox One. Last week the company said that its global sales of the PS4 hit the 5.3 million mark…

Source: GII

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