Report: Steam Allows Developers to Set Up Their Own Discounts

Uncovered by a user on Reddit, a page from Valve's private Steamworks community shows that the company will allow developers to set their own sales. In the past Valve and a developer would have to work together in order to set up a sale for a game.

Now developers can simply go to their Steamworks page for the title in question and configure one of two discounts: weeklong deals and custom discounts. The weeklong deal option lets developers select an upcoming promotion from a two month window to join and a set discount percentage. Custom discount lets developers set their own promotions lasting up to two weeks.

While the option has been added to Steamworks, it is not fully functional according to Gun Monkeys developer Dan Marshall.

"FYI that Steam Discounts thing might not have fully rolled out yet. When I try to do it, I get a great big ERROR page," he wrote on Twitter.

Source: CVG

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