Poll: Should You Be Able To Purchase Level 90 Characters In World of Warcraft?

It looks like Blizzard will soon offer World of Warcraft players the ability to purchase Level 90 characters.

World of Warcraft lead encounter designer Ion Hazzikostas said, "The intent here isn't to create a world where no-one levels. It's just to allow people who want to purchase additional level 90s, maybe they want a second or third alt and they don't have time to level it themselves because they have a family or etc – it's to allow them to do that."


What do you think GP readers?  Should WoW players be able to purchase a high-level characters or should they have to put in the work if they want one?  Hazzikostas suggests potential buyers might just want another level 90 to play with without having to spend a hundred hours making one.  How about limiting customers to those who have already leveled a character to 90 the old fashioned way?

Vote in the poll and expand on your thoughts in the comments below.  Heck, you can even send us an email at SuperPACpodcast@gmail.com!  There are so many options!

EZK and I will discuss this topic and reveal the poll results on the next podcast so look forward to it!

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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