‘Twitch Is Pacman,’ a Crowd-Controlled Two-Player Pacman v. Blinky Game

Last weekend at Seattle Startup Weekend a team of developers and enthusiasts decided to create another Twitch-based experience similar to PokemonPlaysTwitch – only with a Pacman game re-geared as a massive 2-player game. One Twitch channel plays Pacman, while the other plays Blinky. Both channels allow viewers to input movement commands to keep Pacman away from Binky, while the other one inputs commands in the chat window to chase Pacman down and gobble him up…

The channel describes the game as follows:

"TwitchIsPacman is a Massively Two-player Online Pill Eating Game (MTOPEG), pitting Pacman against Blinky. There are two separate channels: one to control Pacman, another for Blinky. If you’re a dog person or you want to play as Pacman, stay here and join the chat! If you think cats are better or prefer to play the antagonist, visit the channel www.twitch.tv/twitchisblinky."

So what's the point of the channel beyond creating another phenomenon that involves viewer-controlled gaming similar to TwitchPlaysPokemon? Well, organizers are running a week long charity campaign of Pacman vs Blinky. As mentioned in their description above, Pacman is representing dog lovers, and Blinky players are representing cats. Donations are going to BestFriends.org, via a Crowdtilt.

Details on how to participate and how to make a donation can be found on http://www.twitch.tv/twitchispacman.

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