Chinese Government Bans Video Game Advertising on TV, and in Other Mediums

A change in commercial advertising regulations in China related to video games is in full effect, though as this Kotaku report points out, it is a solution for a problem that doesn't really exist.

Last week the China's State Council legal affairs website announced new revisions for advertising that is directed towards video games and children. The proposals aim to "remove and prevent video game advertising in textbooks, school buses, school uniforms, and programming geared towards children from elementary school to junior high," according to Kotaku. There's also a proposal to ban game advertising on TV during children's programming hours, but most companies spend the bulk of their advertising dollars online and not on TV.

There's also no advertising in any of the other areas that the State Council has targeted in its new proposals. Perhaps the regulations are seeking to preemptively control any company even thinking of using these mediums to advertise games to children. Or maybe someone at the State Council has too much time on their hands…

Either way, it illustrates how heavy-handed the Chinese government can be when it thinks something is bad for its citizens…

Source: Kotaku

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