Get Well Gamers Expands Into the United Kingdom

Get-Well Gamers Foundation, a charity dedicated to providing games to children in health care facilities, today announced that it has expanded to the United Kingdom with the addition of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, as its 200th member facility.

"We have been waiting a long time for this day to come," said Ryan Sharpe, President and Co-Founder, Get-Well Gamers Foundation. "Thanks to the hard work of our new U.K. colleagues, the organization that began thirteen years ago with a handful of volunteers is now a global effort We know that with the fine example of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, we will be soon adding more member facilities throughout the United Kingdom and beyond."

"What Ryan and his team has done is amazing," said James Stewart, Chairman, Get-Well Gamers UK. "We are eager to bring the message to the U.K gaming community, which has been eagerly looking for the positive outlet that Get-Well Gamers offers."

The Get-Well Gamers Foundation is powered by the generous gaming community, who donate video games, gaming systems, controllers, and other accessories to give to sick children (many of whom are in the darkest places in their lives). Games can serve as a way to boost the morale of these little ones, many of whom face life threatening illnesses. If you want to help out and learn more about the good work that Get Well Gamers does, you can do so by visiting and

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