Poll Results: Buying Level 90 Characters in World of Warcraft

Last week we asked our readers if it was okay to purchase a level 90 character in World of Warcraft. The results are in, and the majority of votes said that it should be allowed if you have already leveled up at least one character to level 90.

Around 40 percent of the votes went for the aforementioned option, with 39 percent saying that it should not be allowed and 22 percent saying it should be allowed with no special provisions. Some see this new move by Blizzard as a means to enable "pay-to-win," or buying your progress through a game that would otherwise take you months or even years to accomplish…

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll. Look for another one later this week.

For a more in-depth discussion on last week poll, check out the latest episode of Super Podcast Action Committee.

Image © 2014, Shutterstock.com. Used with permission.

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