Comcast, The Promise Keepers

Comcast offers regulators a reason to approve its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable: it keeps its promises. The company said on Monday that it had "met or exceeded" all of the obligations it accepted as a condition of its previous merger with NBC-Universal in 2011. To prove it, the company released a new compliance report.

Beginning with the requirement to expand broadband access to low-income families, Comcast said that its "Internet Essentials" program connected its millionth user in October. The program makes Internet available for $10 a month to families of students that qualify for free or discounted school lunches. Comcast also noted in its report that it had added 1,500 miles of cable to its broadband network every year for three years; Comcast says it's built 6,289 miles meeting the deadline and besting the requirement by 41 percent.

Other conditions of the merger included building out programming for minorities and people with disabilities. The company said in its report that it increased the amount of diversity programming by 50 percent to 2,900 hours across its online and video-on-demand services last year.

"It is simply indisputable that we have honored – in fact, over-delivered – on our commitments," wrote Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen in a blog post. "And we’ll continue to do so."

Source: Washington Post

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