HBO Go Finally Available on PS3

While the wait has likely been excruciating for PlayStation 3 owners, at least it is finally over. It has been nearly a year since the HBO Go app was released on Xbox 360, but (for some reason) PS3 owners had to wait…and wait…. and wait. We're not sure exactly why it took so long to get the popular pay network's app on Sony's platform, but now consumers can watch all of the network's past and present shows on demand.

Naturally you have to be a subscriber to HBO through your local cable provider and that cable operator has to support the use of HBO Go, but if you can check all those things off that requirement list, then you can get started watching the network on your PS3 right now. You can find the app at the PlayStation Store.

Phil Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Business Development at SCEA, said that the app will be coming to PS4, though he would not specify when that would happen. Let's hope it doesn't take them another year to bring it to this latest platform.

"We are also working diligently with HBO to bring the HBO GO app to PS4. Keep checking PlayStation.Blog for updates," he wrote.

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