Ouya CEO Explains New ‘Ouya Everywhere’ Initiative

A new initiative that was revealed yesterday called "Ouya Everywhere" is Ouya's way of expanding its Android micro-console's library of games to households that don't own the system. Speaking to Slashdot, Ouya founder and CEO Julie Uhrman explained in greater detail how the new system will work and why the company decided to expand it to other hardware.

"Right now, our growth is limited by how quickly we can make a box and put it into market," Urhman said. "We know that our demand far exceeds our ability to do that."

Uhrman went on to say that the goal of the new initiative is to bring the Ouya library to other set-top boxes, and Internet-connected smart TVs. Basically she said that the company is "actively exploring" all the different devices that are connected to the living room television experience.

"We started having conversations at CES and we're really surprised by the pickup the idea had, so we're jumping in with both feet and it's a core focus for us," she said.

The Kickstarter-funded, Android-powered Ouya micro-console launched in June 2013. In January of this year, a new version of the console was released in the US for $129 ($30 more than its original $99 price tag). The latest iteration of the hardware featured a vastly improved controller, twice the memory of its predecessor, and improved WiFi connectivity.

Source: CVG

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