NeuroGaming Conference & Expo Returns to San Francisco in May

The Neurotechnology Industry Organization announced that the NeuroGaming Conference & Expo will return to San Francisco May 7-8 with a line-up of high profile speakers, new exhibitors, and even a gamejam to make this year's event memorable. In its second year, the NeuroGaming Conference focuses on the convergence of mind and body with game play using all kinds of cutting-edge technology including virtual reality, neurosensing, motion and gesture control, augmented reality, haptics, eye tracking, facial recognition and more.

After last year's event sold out, organizers decided to move to a larger venue in anticipation of a bigger audience this year. They chose the City View at Metreon, to accommodate expected demand.

The two-day event brings together nearly 50 CEOs and executives speaking across twelve panels to share best practices, showcase new products and ideas and generally inspire each other to help accelerate the rapidly emerging gaming sector. This year a neurogaming hackathon will precede the conference to encourage development using the latest neurogaming technologies.

"We had an amazing time last year bringing together some of the best minds in areas such as game design, sensor technology, health sciences and finance in an exchanging of ideas and a shared passion for this fascinating new industry sector," said Zack Lynch, conference chair, author and neurotech visionary. “It’s exciting to see the industry embrace technologies like Oculus Rift and evolution of neurogaming just in one year’s time. So many people approached us afterward that wanted to be a part of this year’s conference, and we’ve sought out additional ways we can engage more people – and really the industry at large, into the conversation."

Confirmed speakers for this year's event include Palmer Luckey, Founder, OculusVR talking about the future of virtual reality play; Ed Fries, Co-creator of the Xbox talking about secrets from the future; Stanley Yang, CEO and Founder, NeuroSky discussing entertainment neurogaming; Robin Hunicke, Founder, Funomena talking about emotional game design; Mike Ambinder, Valve discussing emotional gaming technologies; Tan Le, CEO and Founder, Emotiv on neurosensing for wellness and entertainment; and Tim Chang, Managing Director, Mayfield Fund on investing in neurogaming.

Companies exhibiting at this year's event include Emotiv, ViviTouch, Advanced Brain Monitoring, NeuroSky, Mindo, Throw Trucks with Your Mind, Intific, Leap Motion, faceshift, DAQRI, Blue Marble Brain Company, MindLight, Briim, Ontario Brain Institute, NeuroElectrics and many more.

Co-hosted by NeuroInsights, the NeuroGaming Conference will take place on May 7-8 at City View at Metreon, located at 135 Fourth Street, San Francisco. A neurogaming hackathon is scheduled for the weekend prior to the main conference on May 3-4 in San Francisco, with up to $50,000 in prizes available for winning.

For more information on the event and the hackathon, visit

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