Report: 60 Flappy Bird Clones Hit Apple App Store Over the Weekend

The original Flappy Bird app may be gone from the Apple App Store and Google Play, but people trying to cash in on its success are keeping the dream alive. According to a new report from Pocket Gamer, 60 new Flappy Bird clones were added to Apple's App Store February 28-March 3. That breaks down to 2.5 new clones every 24 minutes during that time period. The report does not say if this trend is ongoing.

For a game to be considered a "Flappy Bird clone," by PocketGamer, it needed to have game mechanics that involve players guiding characters through a course of pipes or pipe-like objects hanging from a ceiling or on the ground.

The original Flappy Bird saw more than 50 million downloads before its creator Dong Nguyen pulled the game down in early February, because h felt it was "too addictive."

Source: GameSpot

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