Comcast Subscribers Still Can’t Watch HBO Go on Their PS3s, Roku Devices

While most PS3 owners are finally able to enjoy HBO Go on their favorite console, Comcast customers will have to wait a little longer, and there's no indication when the wait will be over. According to The Verge, Comcast Xfinity subscribers can't yet access HBO Go on the console. Ironically, Comcast is blocking access to a pay channel that is owned by Time Warner Cable, a company it wants to buy.

Blocking this service certainly doesn't look good to anyone including federal regulators who will decide whether to allow the deal to go through or not. But it's not just PS3 owners who can't watch HBO Go; apparently Comcast has yet to let Roku set top box owners have access to HBO Go yet.

When asked for comment, Sony directed the publication to Comcast. Comcast offered the following explanation to The Verge:

"With every new website, device or player we authenticate, we need to work through technical integration and customer service which takes time and resources. Moving forward, we will continue to prioritize as we partner with various players," said a Comcast Rep.

Something queer is certainly going on with Comcast because other devices didn't have much of a delay before they were able to use the HBO app: Comcast customers can currently use it on Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox 360 consoles, and Apple TV.

Source: The Verge

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