EA Doesn’t See Last Generation Consoles Getting a Price Cut Any Time Soon

According to one Electronic Arts executive, consumers should not expect to see a price cut on last generation systems like the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 any time soon. Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, & Technology conference in San Francisco this week, EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said not to expect any movement on that front until the end of this year – possibly during or after the 2014 holiday shopping season.

"At some point [Microsoft and Sony] will most likely bring those prices down, which could expand the marketplace for old-generation software… I'm guessing it's probably late in the year or maybe even after next Christmas. I don't know; they've not told us what their plans are but it's probably not any time real soon."

In the same speech Jorgensen reiterated EA's stance on the importance of free-to-play mobile games and how it handles them.

"On the mobile side, that business is growing extremely fast globally, and almost all of that mobile business is done in a free-to-play model," he said. "For those who aren't familiar with that: you get the game for free, download it onto your mobile device, and then as you play you're given opportunities to pay for different things along the way and monetize the game that way. I think that model's here to stay. I don't see that there's a paid download model that really lasts much longer, and all of our games are focused on that free-to-play mentality."

Jorgen closed by saying the methods they have used in other free-to-play mobile games will be coming to other properties in the future like FIFA and Madden "to leverage the mobile business with that IP."

"It'll be different than the IP that you see on a console. It's a different style of gameplay, typically people are playing with one finger or two fingers on a mobile device. So it'll be extensions of that IP, but IP that we're very comfortable with, that we know well, and that we know that the consumers love. And we think that's a huge growth driver for us in the future."

Source: GameSpot

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